Sebastopol Geese For Sale

Folks, I don’t mean to be snarky (OK, I’m lying.  Yes, I’m being snarky), but please note the name of my blog in the header above: Birdworms & Buttermilk, The Ravings of a Hoosier Homemaker.  I’m a Hoosier.  Hoosiers don’t live in California, Colorado, Texas, or any other state that’s not Indiana.  Please don’t contact me to ask where I’m located.  It’s getting old, and I’m not going to respond any more.


Local pickup only – I don’t ship live birds. I’ve heard far too many stories from other breeders of birds dying in transit.  Some of the stories have been horrific.  I invest a lot of time an love into raising them, and I’m simply not willing to risk entrusting them to the postal service.


Goslings For Sale

Sebastopol goslings $75 $50 each. Hatched 5/9/2019 through 5/14/2019

Hatch A – out of a grey curly breasted gander (split for buff and pied) and a white smooth breasted female (split for blue), there’s a 50/50 chance that the following goslings will have either smooth or curly breasts. I cannot guarantee curly. Personally, I am partial to the European smooth breasted standard. Unfortunately, American breeders have been so agressively breeding for curl that twisted wing tip has become relatively par for the course in the breed. TWT is not present in the European standard. In my breeding program, I’ve introduced a European style male to my flock, and am working to improve wing shape and feathering.

3 grey saddleback female goslings
3 grey female goslings

Hatch B – out of a grey curly breasted gander (split for buff and pied), and a grey saddleback curly breasted female. These goslings will have curly breasts.

1 grey saddleback – sex unknown
2 grey – sex unknown

The pictures provided below are examples of some of my birds. A curly saddleback female, a smooth white male, and some goslings.

Pick up only, NO SHIPPING. Cash or Paypal

Background bloodlines include Cottage Rose, Kelly Farm, Holderread, Overton, Ribbeck.

If you want an idea of how close I am to your location, my zip code is 46580. I am located about 10 minutes southeast of Warsaw.





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