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autumn pens

The farmer decided to harvest the corn field next to my pasture today, and the geese were curious, but a little freaked by the big green, roaring monster.  Additionally, I’m sitting on 90% chance of rain by tomorrow, and the trees in my yard decided to dump almost all of their leaves in the last few days.  All of this was a recipe for me needing to be outside raking leaves, all the while reassuring the geese that it was OK to come out of the goose house to watch the combine, and that it wouldn’t eat them.

I did manage to get most of the leaves picked up and moved into the chicken and goose pens. The leaves provide mud control during the winter, as well as entertainment for the chickens.  By spring they’ve picked, scratched and turned the leaves so much that there’s nothing left but a little compost.  I forgot to wear gloves while raking, and now I’ve got a blister on my thumb.  After I was done raking, I just hung out in the pasture with the geese and we watched the combine together. The chickens lived up to their name, and hid inside the coop the whole time.

autumn geese

I’ve been really surprised at the amount of time I’ve been spending hanging out in the pasture with the geese.  I guess it’s my version of taking the dogs out for a walk. It will be interesting to see what I do once the snow starts to fly. Tulsi the goose says, “Hi”.

looking at me

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