Chunky Knitted Hat Project

Do you remember this yarn from a previous post?  I said I was going to make a hat for my niece for Christmas, and I did. It ended up being a  big hit with my mom and sister.  I think my niece tried it on when she opened it at Christmas, and then again when this picture was taken.  Apparently, my sister has  stolen the hat and wears it a lot.  My mom put in a request for her own.

The pattern is not my own. The yarn I used was wool hand spun and  hand dyed by my friend, Maggie. I used size 13 double-pointed needles, and stuck to the pattern. I hate circular needles, and avoid them whenever possible.  I was able to complete the hat in about 2 hours.  The original hat is neat, but I love the crazy nubby texture I got using Maggie’s yarn a lot  more.   This was the first time I had worked with a single ply yarn.  I’m hooked on it now, and have put in an order for more.  It just so happens Maggie has been spinning up a storm, and listed a bunch of her single ply yarns this week.  I’m going to shamelessly plug her Etsy store, because a little bird told me she’s renovating her kitchen right now, and is trying to raise some funds to pay for new flooring.  Maybe I should have titled this post “Fundraising for Flooring”.  So, go now!  Buy some yarn from Girl With A Sword at Etsy. Make this hat. Or, something else.

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