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Knitting Frenzy

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

It’s that time of year when my business peaks, and I find myself working double time in the shop, leaving much less time for other pursuits.  Outside of work, once my family is fed and household responsibilities are attended to, I’ve been using almost all of my spare moments to work on my Christmas knitting projects.  I’m a bit worried I don’t have enough time to finish all the projects I was hoping to complete. The shot above is one of my projects, but I can’t show you the details because a few of the recipients have been known to read my blog.  The yarn I’m using is a wool/silk blend that was solar dyed by my friend Maggie last summer.  I know I’ve told you about her on numerous occasions, and this won’t be the last time.  In addition to dying, and spinning the most luscious yarns you’ll ever see, she also makes some cool dyed scarves and handkerchiefs which you can find at her Etsy store.  Below  is a big bowl of her handspun yarn that I’ve got on tap for more Christmas gifts.

My niece does not read the blog, so I can tell you the big ball of pink yarn is going to become a hat for young Emma. The blue in the foreground is going to become socks for yours truly.

I did manage to go out the winter tunnel today to pick some greens.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that instead of just holding steady, my garden has continued to GROW! I opened the plastic to find that some Calendula I had not pulled was blooming.  It was such a wonderful, welcome surprise, and has me contemplating flowers for next winter.

I will try to check in periodically over the next few weeks, but I won’t make any guarantees.  I have about 3 weeks of my busy season left at work, and then my brother and his family will be flying home from England to spend the holidays in my home.  I’m quite sure many of you are as busy (if not more so) as I am.  Try to remember to take a few moments to breath from time to time. None of our best laid plans are so important that we shouldn’t take a moment to set aside whatever we happen to be doing, and remember to give our kids, significant other, or cat a hug and a kiss.

Grilled Goat Cheese Sandwich

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

I finally got around to experimenting with that wonderful Old Kentucky Tomme goat cheese I picked up on my vacation last month.  Just in case you don’t remember which cheese I’m talking about, it was this one.  I’ve been aging it in the cheese drawer I have in my basement refrigerator.  Yes, I have a whole drawer devoted to cheese! Doesn’t everyone?

Capriole Goat Farm suggested it with grilled apples and onions. I decided to take it a little further, and ended up with a Saturday afternoon lunch that officially made my comfort food list.  I’m not sure what type of cheese to recommend you try with this, since you probably won’t have access to Capriole cheeses.  If you’re fortunate enough to have an exceptional cheese counter, you could try to find some type of French tomme cheese, preferably goat.

First, I threw some onions into a pan with a little olive oil and softened them. Then I added some peeled, sliced apple and cooked the whole mess over medium heat until softened and golden. I had some slightly stale homemade honey wheat bread I had made a couple of days earlier, which is excellent for grilled sandwiches or toast.  I’m not kidding! Liberally buttered, stale homemade bread crisps up in the pan better than anything.

Grilled Goat Cheese Sandwich
Buttered slices of stale homemade bread
Genoa Salami
Grilled apple & onion
Capriole Old Kentucky Tomme goat cheese

Layer salami, apple & onion, and goat cheese on the buttered bread. Toast in a pan over medium heat until warmed through and the cheese begins to ooze.

It was good … REALLY good!  The tang of the salami, sweetness of the apple and onion, combined with the gooey, goaty goodness of the cheese were a perfect marriage of flavors.  I’ve still got some cheese left.  As soon as I get some more salami, I’m making it again.  And the next time I won’t forget the bottle of shiraz that’s sill lurking in my basement.