Perfect Morning Walk

After two weeks of oppressive hot, humid weather, I was shocked to hear my furnace kick in last night! The night’s temperatures hit the low 50’s  which seems bizarre for Indiana as we head into the month of July.   I awoke to a gorgeous morning …. a cool breeze, no humidity, and clear blue skies.  It was perfect for some birdwatching, so I grabbed my camera and headed out to the meadow behind my house. As I approached the edge of the field, I was met with a wonderful sweet scent.  I think you might be surprised to find out the culprit was milkweed which is in full bloom right now.

I didn’t seen any new or unusual birds, but I did get a couple of pictures that I think you might find interesting. At the edge of the field is a pair of nesting bluebirds. I’ve been maintaining bluebird boxes for years, and the birds are accustomed to my periodic checks of the boxes.  I’ll check this particular box in about two more weeks and might be able to give you a peek at the babies.  That will be the last time I check the box until after the young have fledged. I don’t want to risk causing them to leave the nest prematurely.

I finally located the catbird’s nest.  I knew it was out there somewhere, and I’ve actually been a little worried about it.  I found a dead catbird near the house recently and was concerned that it might be the female. My worries were allayed as she sat nearby “meowing” at me as I snapped a couple of quick pictures.

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