Sebastopol Geese For Sale


Below are the policies by which I sell my birds.  They are not up for debate.  I get a lot of people who ask me to make an exception. If you decide to be one of those people, don’t be surprised if I walk away from the conversation.  I’m actually a nice person, but after 20 years of owning a business, I’ve been subjected to a lot of customer shenanigans. It’s turned me into a cranky old broad who has no desire to engage in said shenanigans.  I get plenty of monkey business from the geese.

Pricing and Payment.
I don’t haggle.  My prices are as stated. I accept cash or PayPal.

Local pickup only
My birds are available for pickup here at the farm.  I don’t deliver.  I don’t meet up somewhere.  I don’t go to poultry shows. You have come to the farm and get them.

I’m located in northeastern Indiana.  If you want an idea of how close I am to your location, my zip code is 46580. I am located about 10 minutes southeast of Warsaw.

I don’t ship live birds. I’ve heard far too many stories from other breeders of birds dying in transit.  Some of the stories have been horrific.  I invest a lot of time and love into raising them, and I’m simply not willing to risk entrusting them to the postal service.

Waiting List/Holds/Deposits
I don’t keep a waiting list.  If you’re interested in goslings in the spring, hatching usually happens in May, and you’ll need to keep your eye on this page for availability.  I usually put adult and youngsters up for sale again in early fall.  I’m very busy during the growing season, so this page tends not to get updated in the summer.

Generally, I don’t like to hold birds, and prefer to sell on a first come, first served basis.  However, on those occasions when I agree to hold birds, I require a 50% non-refundable deposit, the balance due at pickup, and the birds must be picked up within 21 days.  Not 25 days, not 22 days.

About My Breeding Program
I’m of the opinion that American breeders have so agressively bred Sebastopols for curl, that they’ve sacrificed wing quality.  I’ve even heard some breeders say messy wings just go along with the breed. I disagree. It’s entirely possible to breed curly Sebastopols with nicely formed wings. To that end, I use European style smooth breasted Sebatopol geese in my breeding program, with a view to improving wing shape and overall feathering.  While twisted wing tip is a prevalent issue among the American birds, it’s not an issue in the European birds.  The occasional messy wing will show up in my birds from time to time, but for the most part, I’m producing curly birds with wings that tuck neatly.  Personally, I love the smooths, and think they’re very handsome birds.  Unlike the curly birds, the smooths can get a little lift (thanks to straight, strong primary flight feathers), and it’s not uncommon to see mine take a low swoop across the pasture. However, they prefer to stay with the flock, and don’t usually try to fly over my fences. About the only time I’ve had an issue with a bird flying a fence, is if I try to separate it from the flock, or in fleeing a threat.

I do keep a few white geese in my flock, which are what the American Poultry Association recognizes as the breed standard.  However, my area of interest is color genetics.  Through careful record keeping, and targeted breedings, I’m attempting to understand color in Sebastopol geese, while at the same time maintaining and improving upon the standard of perfection in regards to the physical characteristics of the birds.  One of my big frustrations when trying to bring new geese into my flock, is finding birds from breeders who have kept careful breeding records.  It’s not uncommon to get a new bird, and then discover that there are genetic factors in the bird’s background that the original breeder was not aware of.  When buying a goose from me, you will be provided with as complete of a pedigree as I’m able to give.

Geese For Sale – Updated 9/18/2020 – This is what I’ve got available.  Please don’t clog up my inbox asking if I have anything else.  Yes, I’m a grouch, and I’m tired of the incessant stream of messages asking if I have any curly geese available.  Thanks to some issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic, I chose not to incubate eggs this past spring, so I currently have no curly geese for sale.

The birds pictured have gone through their first adult molt, and feathered out a bit more since these pictures were taken.  Because I’m in the heart of my harvest season, I haven’t had time to take updated pictures.

Background bloodlines include Cottage Rose, Kelly Farm, Holderread, Overton, Ribbeck.

Smooth Breasted Saddleback Female (A4) – $100
Hatch date: 5/9/2019     Father: Curly Grey (split for buff and pied)     Mother: Smooth White



Smooth Breasted Grey Female (A6) – $75 
Hatch date: 5/9/2019     Father: Curly Grey (split for buff and pied)     Mother: Smooth White


Smooth Breasted Grey Female (A9) – $75
Hatch date: 5/9/2019     Father: Curly Grey (split for buff and pied)     Mother: Smooth White


Smooth Breasted Dilute Pied (aka splash) Male (A10) – $75
Hatch date: 5/9/2019     Father: Curly Grey (split for buff and pied)     Mother: Smooth White
I’m pretty sure this guy is split for buff.  He actually has some buff flecks and spots, and I jokingly call him my calico goose.  Pardon his dirty face.  He decided that picture day was the day he wanted to play in the mud.  Honestly, I’ve been tempted to hike the price on this boy, because I don’t really want to sell him, but I really do have too many ganders.  He’s Mr. Personality, a bit of a loud mouth, and I’m really pleased with the way his coloring has developed since this picture was taken.



It appears some people trying to contact me about geese are not receiving my replies.  If you’re using a free email account through hotmail, gmail, or yahoo, please be aware that their spam filters are notoriously aggressive.  Be sure to check your spam folder if you haven’t heard back from me.